Reflecting not resolving: A year to grow

In this time of pandemic, days, weeks, months and even years sometimes feel as if they’re blurring together. While I’m hopeful 2022 will be better for us all, as I’ve done since 2014, I’m not making New Year’s resolutions but rather choosing a word to reflect on over...

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A year of words and a writing hangover

Last week, I finished the longest book I’ve ever written, all 101,294 words of it. And while many rounds of edits remain, for now it’s done and I can celebrate. A dual timeline women’s fiction novel set between the Second World War and 2018, it’s also the most...

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Gratitude is more than an attitude

As my American family, friends and readers celebrate Thanksgiving, gratitude and giving thanks are in the news, and I’ve been thinking about the phrase "gratitude is an attitude." Being thankful is an attitude and expressing appreciation for things large and small has...

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‘Lest We Forget:’ Honouring Wartime Sacrifice

In many countries, the eleventh of November is a day to honour wartime sacrifice. In Canada, it’s Remembrance Day and here, as in the UK (known as Armistice Day) and elsewhere, there is a minute (or more) of silence at eleven in the morning to mark the armistice...

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Preparing for an early winter

In my part of Canada, the first snow of the season is forecast for next week and weather pundits are predicting a harsh and earlier winter than usual. While I don't relish snow and cold, for "winter people," like most Canadians, there is much to do to prepare for this...

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Fingers on the keyboard, head in the clouds

Becoming a published author has taught me many things but perhaps most important is how to juggle multiple writing projects at the same time. This month, when I have multiple book deadlines within a few weeks of each other, I’ve been once again reminded that certain...

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What kind of reader am I? And what kind of reader are you?

In the past few weeks, on social media and elsewhere, I’ve seen lots of buzz (and related quizzes) about reading types. While I’ve thought about my reading life in different ways, “reader type” was new to me. There are, however, certain traits intrinsic to “reader me”...

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