Lessons from 2020 and a new word for the new year

In the past few weeks, I’ve read many posts celebrating the end of 2020. From celebrities to ordinary people, the last year was one that many of us were glad to see the end of. I too have been thinking about 2020 and, in looking ahead to 2021, how to take learning...

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Holiday memories in music

Although I don’t usually start playing holiday music until December, 2020 has been such a grim year that I dug out my seasonal CDs and created a Spotify playlist in the middle of November. And from traditional carols to sacred music and popular festive tunes, now more...

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Losing a loved one in the time of Covid

As some of you know, Tech Guy’s mother (English Rose’s grandma) passed peacefully in the first week of November. Although not unexpected—she had advanced dementia and other serious medical issues—this time of pandemic made a difficult situation even more so. It also...

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Laughter is indeed good medicine

When I was a child, my grandparents had a subscription to Reader’s Digest magazine and, once they finished with each issue, it came to my house to be read and enjoyed again. Back then, a favourite column was "Laughter is the Best Medicine!" and as an adult, it’s one I...

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Happiness is…Talking about books

Books have been part of my life as far as back as I can remember and almost as soon as I learned to read, I shared and talked about books with others. In childhood At school, book reports were a feature of elementary (primary) school and in sorting through old papers,...

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Flash book sale, a writing tip & a cookie

In between my regular blog post schedule, I'm writing to you this week to let you know about a flash sale on A Wish in Irish Falls and share a writing tip.   Get A Wish in Irish Falls for only 0.99 cents/pence If you’re in the US or UK, my publisher has put the Kindle...

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What makes you happy?

In the continued and often described “dumpster fire” that is 2020, there are many things that aren’t making me happy. From the pandemic and other world events through to a myriad of concerns in my own life, it’s far easier to focus on stress than joy. Yet, and...

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Finding baking memories

As summer’s warmth becomes a distant memory, I’m doing more baking, a favourite pastime but one I haven’t had much time for in the last few years. To bake, though, I needed to sort through my overflowing kitchen cupboards and the boxes stacked at the foot of the...

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