Gratitude for the little things

I’m currently dealing with several personal and professional challenges causing stress and worry. So now more than ever, I’m digging into my metaphorical “coping toolbox” to find joy, practice self-care and remind myself to be grateful for the little things. Smelling...

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A date, a day trip & February fun

Canadian winters can sometimes seem endless. This year, amidst a succession of grey, overcast days filled with work and the regular routine, a special day trip made for much-needed February fun. Although I love my small-town world, there are times I also crave city...

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Looking to 2023 with hope

Hope is a theme in my next Second World War Two women’s fiction novel, The Secrets of Grey Oaks Hall. In both the historical and contemporary timelines, female protagonists hold to hope and the promise of better times ahead when life—and living it—are dark. Hope is...

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The season of giving

Since I live in a small town with no home mail delivery, I receive mail via a box at the local post office. At this time of year, when Floppy Ears dons her festive red coat and we take our daily walk to the post office, that box is stuffed with glossy catalogues,...

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Time to “Breathe”

Most of us take breathing for granted, exemplified by the expression “as natural as breathing.” Breathing is natural…until it isn’t. As some of you know, I have asthma, a chronic lung condition. Although my asthma is usually well-controlled, this autumn I’ve had a...

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