The blessings of friendship in life & books

Returning from my blog hiatus, I welcome new subscribers and send warm wishes to you all. Along with family, both my romances and women’s fiction celebrate the blessings of friendship. The bonds I share with friends are amongst the most important in my life and I...

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The “dog days of summer” and a blog hiatus

It’s the time of year here in Canada that my mother and grandmothers called the "dog days of summer." Between late July and early August, life slows. Road traffic isn’t as heavy. Email volume is lighter. Even social media engagement drops as life outdoors is more...

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Changing my sleep & changing my life

Some of us, like Tech Guy and Floppy Ears, can sleep anytime, anywhere. That's not me. However, in the past month, I’ve slept better than I have in years. While I may never be a consistently “good sleeper,” I’m on track to becoming a “better” one. Sleep restriction...

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