Book edits, a big birthday & a bigger move

With significant events in both my writing and mum lives, this past week has been a time of joy, reflection and bittersweet change. Book edits  As many of you know, Montana Reunion, my Harlequin Heartwarming and western romance debut, releases in January 2022. It’s a...

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“Summer Holiday”

In the last few weeks, “Summer Holiday” by Cliff Richard and The Shadows (first released in 1963 with the British film of the same name) has been on my mind. With a catchy tune and fun, uplifting lyrics, it’s an ode to taking a summer break away from the regular...

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Why my favourite part of writing is rewriting

I don’t often post about my writing process because most of those who read this blog are readers, not other writers. However, having been in what some authors, me included, call the “writing and editing cave” for weeks (writing the first draft of one book and editing...

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A wedding, an anniversary and a tale of two cakes

Last week, Tech Guy and I marked our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Over the years, we’d often thought about what our Silver anniversary would be like, a quarter-century milestone that then seemed very far away. Yet, of all the scenarios we considered, we never...

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Change of seasons, change of clothes

Twice each year, in spring and autumn, I go through my wardrobe and have a major clear-out. I take the previous season’s clothes out of the closet and replace them with those stored out-of-season in my cedar chest. I also try on clothing to see it still fits or is in...

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Velcro dog: The pandemic’s impact on my fur baby

Floppy Ears, my much-loved rescue dog and “author assistant,” has been a happy part of our family since April 2017. However, after fifteen months of pandemic, including multiple lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, mask-wearing and avoiding others when out and about, as...

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