Hello, 2024!

With two new planners, a new writing planning notebook and several desk and wall calendars, as far as organization and time management go, I’m more than set for this new year.

However, a new year isn’t only about planning day-to-day activities.

For me, it’s also about looking at the bigger picture and setting some longer-term goals in writing and life.


I have two new books out this year, both from Harlequin Heartwarming, which will complete my four-story Montana Carters miniseries.

The Cowgirl Nanny in April is followed by A Rancher’s Return in October.

I hope you enjoy more visits to High Valley, Montana, the Tall Grass Ranch and Carter family.

Unfortunately, and since I have many UK friends and readers, my Harlequin Heartwarming books aren’t sold in the UK but paperbacks can still be ordered from Blackwell’s Online (with free delivery worldwide).

I’m also working on a new Harlequin proposal, and some new Second World War historical women’s fiction books and will share details when I can.

I’m excited about these stories and how they’re helping me stretch my writing muscles.


Although I haven’t yet settled on ‘my word’ for 2024, ideas are percolating! Some years I choose my word early on but others it takes time to find the right fit.

However, from a long-delayed trip to my English ‘home’ to other things nearby, I already have several plans for this year which I’m looking forward to making come true.

And after not being well enough post-Covid to take part in ballet or Zumba classes last autumn, I’m excited to return to both—and better fitness—starting this weekend.

I also want to reconnect with friends and family with whom I’ve lost touch. From a cousin on my mother’s side of the family who lives only an hour away from me to a childhood pen friend I’ve spotted on Facebook, I want to re-establish and nurture meaningful connections this year.

Practicing gratitude

While my bout with Covid and ensuing medical journey taught me many things, perhaps the most important is it was a tangible reminder that life is short.

In 2024, I want to live more in the present and focus on everyday joys.

And while I’ve never had an official bucket list, I’m thinking there’s no better time to start.

First up? Inspired by my author friend Kate Field, it’s “Try January” where I’m only reading new-to-me authors this month.

I’ll be trying more new things each month this year, and I hope you enjoy following along with me.

Happy 2024 from Floppy Ears and I!

May the coming months bring you good things, new adventures and cozy times.



  1. Heidi Vanstone

    Good luck finding the “right” word for the year, Jen. I finally chose mine a few days ago. Sometimes, the moment has to be just right for inspiration to happen.
    On a separate note, a bucket list sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

    • Jen Gilroy

      Thank you, Heidi. I’ve almost settled on “my word” so will share it in an upcoming blog. I’m glad you’ve found “yours.” I think a bucket list will be fun too! I’ve already put a few things on it. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.


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