Lessons from 2020 and a new word for the new year

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In the past few weeks, I’ve read many posts celebrating the end of 2020. From celebrities to ordinary people, the last year was one that many of us were glad to see the end of. I too have been thinking about 2020 and, in looking ahead to 2021, how to take learning from last year […]


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Celebrating book release week…A Wish in Irish Falls is out now!

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 My latest book, the Kindle edition of A Wish in Irish Falls, came out on September 16th so it’s been a time of celebration. It’s my fifth published book…how did that happen?! Given world events, it’s not the best time to be promoting a book but I hope that if you choose to read A Wish […]



Voices in my head

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In a Twitter exchange earlier this week, my author friend Jane Cable commented on the importance of writer friends, saying: “They don’t think you’re odd to have voices in your head.” Although Jane and I were chatting about finding writing inspiration (which usually for me comes at random and whilst doing something else), her comment […]