The Cottage at Firefly Lake

What They're Saying...

“Gilroy’s debut contemporary is packed with potent emotions…[the] protagonists tug at the heartstrings from the beginning of the story and don’t let go. Long on charm, this story invites readers to come in and stay a while.” —Publishers Weekly 

“Memories, regrets and second chances are front and center in Gilroy’s fantastic debut.” —RT Book Reviews 

“The story has all the elements in place to create an emotional and touching atmosphere. The pacing is steady and the writing is fluid, creating just the right amount of tension and emotion.” —Night Owl Reviews

The Cottage at Firefly Lake is a book about second chances. Not just the second chance at love that forms the backbone of the story, but also a second chance at family, and a second chance at life.”—Reading Reality

“It was compelling, well-written, the characters were multidimensional and well-layered, and the romance had a strong foundation that though deeply cracked still held up despite the years the characters were apart. It’s the story of old friends and old lovers, forgotten past time, and dysfunctional families. Of adults with heart wounds that haven’t healed and memories, both good and bad, that just won’t die. Of teenagers looking for adventure, and a town struggling to stay relevant amid changing times. It’s a book not to miss by a seriously promising voice in contemporary romance.”—Okie Dreams Book Reviews 

“This is a sweet and heartwarming second chance love story that is sure to make you both smile and cry! I felt many different types of emotions while reading it, and the fact that the author can evoke such emotions in her readers is tremendous! Readers who enjoy classy and sweet romances that are filled with heart will definitely pair well with this novel.”—Pretty Little Book Reviews

The Cottage at Firefly Lake is Jen Gilroy’s debut romance book, but you honestly can’t tell. She effortlessly brings this wonderful tale of second chances to us in such a sweet and romantic way that you won’t want to put this book down.”—Escaping Into Books